Wondering What Questions Your Website Should Answer?

You’ve read about the importance of Brand, Blog, Blast, right? In this digital age, producing rich content and posting it on social media to attract audiences is necessary.

Soul Creative builds digital content for our clients that drives human connection and conversation through storytelling. It’s important to talk about WHAT you’re doing and it’s important to talk about WHY you’re doing it.

Your goal should be to clearly explain the following 6 questions. Plus your website NEEDS to address these… because this is what 99% of people want to learn on your site:

what is it?

This question might seem simple enough but you should be able to say what you do in one sentence. Practice your 30-second pitch and make sure you’re ready to answer questions about your services. Define and refine your answer to “what is it”?

who is it for?

Make sure you know your target audience. I cannot stress this enough. You HAVE to know who your target audience or ideal clients really are before you can serve them or convince them to use your services. You should also know who your ideal customer is NOT.

why should I care?

What is the pain point you are trying to fix? Whether its delivering peace of mind or providing a service your ideal client doesn’t even realize they need… it’s up to you to be able to communicate why you are the BEST provider of this product or service.

how does it work?

Eliminate the guesswork. Tell your potential customer exactly how the service will help them and what they can expect during the process. If you’re like me you might like surprises, but when I am considering a purchase — I don’t want any surprises. I want to know everything about how it works before I buy it.

why trust you?

It’s ok to brag, no really it is, and you SHOULD be bragging about yourself. Make sure you can provide references and be able to answer the tough questions about your the best person to work with. Be sure to explain your key differences and your relevancy. Be someone people WANT to work with, and tell them why they’ll benefit from being YOUR client. Don’t be afraid to share some of yourself, it’s quite endearing!

What’s the next step?

This goes hand in hand with “how does it work” but takes it one step further. Make sure your potential client knows the steps from signing up/purchasing and every single detail you would want to know if you were considering this service.

If you’re not sure where to start or don’t know the answers to these questions with certainty, let’s talk about your brand… contact us today!


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