Business Branding | Get Out Of Your Own Way

Trusting the expert is a good idea when you’re boxing and when your branding your business!

I really have trouble getting out of my own way. I have an amazing group of wonderfully strong, smart, passionate women around me who only want the best for me — yet, I think I’ll do things “my way” instead.

Does this sound anything like you? 

You have a great friend who recommends the best solution for your very strained muscles in your back and neck. This friend isn’t just any friend, she’s a personal trainer

She’s knowledgeable about every muscle in the body and she recommends a place for you to go where you can immediately get in, gives you insider info because she’s been there before, knows that it’s less expensive than the options you’ve tried, etc. Awesome friend with great advice, right? RIGHT! 

Then there’s me that postponed training sessions (with said personal trainer) because of my neck pain for three weeks and finally decided to ask her “where was that place you told me to go?”.

My friend, the expert in this situation, gave me the best advice I’d gotten in a very long time. I literally felt instant relief from my neck pain within minutes of laying on the massage table. So, of course then I’m asking…

Why the heck didn’t I listen to her 3 weeks ago???

This is what it means to be in your own way:

  • Doing things the way they’ve always been done. 
  • Putting yourself last and not taking care of yourself. 
  • Not listening to people who know something about something you know nothing about! (… see what I did there?)

The same thing is true about being in your own way when it comes to business branding! 

Doing things the way they’ve always been done sounds boring, non-imaginative, outdated, and uninspired. I’m not saying to get rid of processes within your business that streamline your workflow or that sending handwritten notes that you’ve always done since you opened your business should be eliminated. I’m talking about being inventive about your business branding.

Here are 3 easy ways to freshen up your brand:

  • Add new colors to your logo
  • Repurpose content you already have on your site with search engine optimized keywords
  • Be bold on social media by asking questions, posting polls and surveys, and not doing what you’ve always done!

When it comes to your business’ brand – I hate to break it to you – you just might not be the expert. You might think you know your brand and how it’s perceived by your customers, but it’s quite possible you don’t. 

So, take a chance and step to the side! 

Here are some ways you can get out of your own way when it comes to branding your business:

  • Ask Questions 
  • Listen, (No.. Really) Listen To What’s Being Said
  • Accept Criticism
  • Be Open To New Ideas
  • Trust The  Process

We’ll address taking care of yourself next… and by yourself I mean YOU first, then your business. Stay tuned… In the meantime contact Soul Creative today if you want to discuss how we can create an even better brand for your business. 


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