It’s All About The Dream… And Some Turtle Love

Before there was a Soul Creative, there was a girl who ended up jobless after 3 years with an amazing online business, and a dream of continuing a path of creativity and branding.

Back in 2013, I had experienced one of the lowest points in my life. Without getting into the heavy details, I’ll say this, I am really glad that the worst part of my life is now in my rearview mirror. I ended up in Lancaster PA and have never looked back. While I was getting on my feet, I met a wonderful, soulful friend at a meditation group I began attending regularly. (Read more about my journey with meditation here).

Cynthia Swank was thinking about leaving the practice she so enjoyed working for as a Certified Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) professional and start her own business. She felt she could create a safe space to continue enhancing children and their families through her love for children and had a vision she brought to me. She knew I was creative and I knew how to build websites from my past experiences and took a chance on me to collaborate with her to create a new business complete with name, logo, and new website!

It all started with a logo that meant something to Cynthia, as part of her story, and would resonate with the kids as well.

The Meaning Of The Turtle To This Entrepreneur

When Bryan and I met one of the things we had in common is that we would stop the car to rescue turtles off of the road / help them get to the other side so they would not get crushed. So then it became a thing. We released turtles at our wedding instead of butterflies or doves or something like that. Of course he actually caught them on the land where we got married at my friends farm the day before we got married so we were really just returning the turtles to their rightful place. One of our pet names for each other is shellanaki-moo. Shellanaki is turtle in Greek which we had learned while visiting a turtle rescue on the isle of Crete.

This was the first logo I ever created before there was a Soul Creative!

Next Comes The Website & Advertising

Once the logo for Swank Early Skills Development was formed, we talked through the needs she could foresee as far as her website. We collaborated to create a website that served her for about 5 years until the growth of her business required a beautiful and more interactive site. My vision was to design and logo and a site that would GROW with her business which you can see, it truly has!

More from my friend Cindy about the growth of her business…

“From the start of the business opening until now, we have helped about 100 families. We currently serve about 60. I started out wanting to help kids and their families but as I took on employees, I’ve also found this passion for wanting to also be a good employer. I believe in treating my employees well and creating paths for better employment and professional growth within my company. It was kind of the surprise factor in following my dreams – I actually found people who were willing to help me make those dreams become a reality. This has been a humbling experience, and I am so grateful for these beautiful people!”

Have You Seen The Swank Turtle?

As her business expands, her presence is known on Manheim Road! She’s been able to utilize her logo and brand as her business continues to boom! Just look at the amazing window decals she has installed. By branding her business with her name in it, an icon of the turtle and tagline of Early Skills Development, the business hasn’t needed a rebrand because the tagline covers all of the services she now offers, that she didn’t when she first started.

“Creating Brands That Grow With Your Business… That’s What We Do!” – Soul Creative

As fas as Cynthia and Aimee, we remain bonded personally, spiritually, and professionally in a wonderful way! You never know who you’re going to meet when you step out and do something different for yourself (A Meditation Sangha was new to me!) … embrace your dreams, help others, and be authentically you. Really that’s what business, goals, relationships, are all about. Helping each other along the way and sharing your talents to help others and definitely have some fun along the way!

Now, look at us… surrounded by other beautiful female entrepreneurs in Lancaster!

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