Meet Aimee


What I’m All About

My business, a branding agency in Lancaster… Soul Creative is the culmination of many years gathering experience in web design, branding, content writing, storytelling, SEO, and gaining social media expertise. 
I have been so fortunate to have varied career professionally and to accomplish much while overcoming some devastating personal circumstances. I provide affordable services for entrepreneurs and existing businesses in need of a brand strategy and overall digital marketing services. My hope is to help businesses afford digital marketing services that they may not be able to afford at large agencies. 
I am passionate about overcoming abuse, the opioid-epidemic and animals! A portion of my work goes to these causes. If you’re looking for a caring, empathetic, and energetic branding agency in Lancaster, Soul Creative is for you!

What Brought Me Here

Past experience includes producing significant results for as Managing Editor where I was acknowledged as a goal-focused expert always ready to go above-and-beyond to achieve corporate objectives. Additionally, my talents in social media management, SEO marketing, and campaign management allowed me to immediately excel within that organization. I will use the same talents and experience I learned as a managing editor in my own business. 
I am a formidable content writer and have written on a wide variety of topics — including Health, Tech, Money & Finances, Travel, Household Tips, and others. I’m extremely well-versed in SEO keywording and creating strategic brand-centered and customer-focused content. I’ve attending some of the best conferences in my desire to stay on the cutting-edge of my industry like PubCon and MozCon.
The most notable thing about me is my exceptional work ethic. I go above and beyond whatever you ask me to do, with your company’s long-term goals in mind. I build relationships with my clients that are not just based on once-and-done projects. 

My Branding Agency In Lancaster

Why am I doing this you ask? Because I am passionate about storytelling and finding out how to get your business directly in front of YOUR ideal clients. I want to inspire others and bring businesses closer to their target audience through storytelling and brilliant business branding! I’m excited to start the conversation with you, contact our branding agency in Lancaster and you won’t be disappointed
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