Personal Branding

Personal Branding

I eat, sleep, and breathe personal branding… I’m serious, it’s what wakes me up in the morning, keeps me up at night, and gives me joy (and goosebumps sometimes!). I love the process of finding out the reason, purpose, solution… behind a business and the person running it. There’s always a story, have you noticed that? 

Personal branding isn’t just a logo. It’s a representation of your entire business, mission, vision, core of ethics… well you get the picture. It’s everything. It’s how you represent yourself on social media, it’s what your website says… we get personal branding more than any business!

Define Your Audience

Think about your ideal client. Who are they? What do they care about? What problems are they having that YOU can solve?

How This Applies To Personal Branding: Using images and messaging that capture the essence of you and your company that will also appeal to your audiences. 

Define Who You Are

You need to know who you are and who you are not. Read that again, please. This is so important in order to work with your ideal client and ensure you remain authentic and intentional in YOUR work. This really streamlines your business and puts you right in front of your customer.

Take time to discover what you don’t want to do. Identify what your expertise is… and do that… and only that! Don’t water yourself and your talent down by focusing on everything you CAN do and focus on what you WANT to do.

How This Applies To Personal Branding: Be you, be your wonderful authentic self and the clients you want to be working with will flock to you! Embrace who you are and allow your personality to shine through!!

Define Your Brand

Here comes the super-fun part! Create a visual representation of your brand that you can (and should) use on everything you do to market yourself whether it’s online or on marketing/advertising collateral. You want to have professional brand photography to put your best foot forward. Great, authentic, and professional images are imperative! I recommend hiring a professional photographer that specializes in personal branding like Heike Martin Photography if you’re in the Tri-county area. *Photos on this site are from various sources. 

How This Applies To Personal Branding: Be sure to work with a skilled brand stylist (like Soul Creative!) to dig into your passion to create the most visually appealing brand that will grow with your business and won’t require rebranding in the future. 

Use consistent messaging, look, and feel so that your audience knows its your service!

Are you a coach or do you offer courses where you want to show consistent branding across the board?

We can help with that too! We can create personally branded graphics for all of your social media, online, and printed collateral needs. 

Here are just a few examples of Soul Creative’s branded pieces.