SEO 101: What You Probably Don’t Know

Do you know how you’re found in a Google Search? Very rarely is it that someone just types in your url, I mean, you do give out business cards and have an email signature right??best seo tips

More likely it’s because someone typed in an actual question. “How do I ……….?” Want to know the best way to be found online when someone asks that question?

Answer that “xyz question!!”

Sounds easy right? It is, but there are things you need to think about it. You’ll want to mix these up and choose the best one whenever it makes the most sense (keeping keywords for each Tag in mind too)…

1. Tell the reader HOW they will benefit from these tips/ideas/ways/hints/tricks/solutions/. Be sure to answer “What’s In It For Me?”

2. Remember, 95% of the time, readers are looking for ANSWERS to their own very specific QUESTIONS. So ask yourself what types of questions we answer then generalize those (you don’t list them all unless you know that we clearly answer some specific/popular ones)

3. If you’re writing articles showing readers how to do things you should also give them reasons to try new things.

4. Tell the reader how these tips are USEFUL – why it’s worth their time reading them.

5. If it makes sense, tell the readers why the articles here are unique and different from other articles online on the same topic.

6. If possible (and only if it makes sense) try to create a sense of urgency – why they should stop doing what they’re doing to read these articles.

7. I’ve always liked this summary strategy: “We’ll answer your questions about XYZ.” (because it sounds like they can ASK and get immediate answers – which they can in the comments)

8. Ask a Siri, Alexa, or “Hey Google” type question – but only when it makes sense that people would be shouting into their phones this question about this and Tag this topic.

Use these phrases to incorporate the “answer” or “keyphrase”:

-Everything you need to know about XYZ
-What you need to know about XYZ
-Pros & cons of XYZ
-Best & worst thing about XYZ
-We’ll answer your questions about XYZ
-How to XYZ
-Reasons to XYZ
-Why you’ll love XYZ
-Before you XYZ, start here…
-Secrets of XYZ
-All the best ways to XYZ
-The benefits of doing XYZ
-DIY tips
-Step-by-step instructions & How-to’s
-Want to XYZ?…
-Great ways/reasons/ideas for XYZ
-The top ways/reasons/ideas to XYZ
-The best ___ ever!
-Clever ideas/ways/tricks

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