The Services

We are now offering video branding to help your business. Let us know if you’re interested in this service.

We specialize in branding and website design and development. We research the best type of site depending on our clients’ needs and their target audience so that they can reach their potential clients where they are.

We find the best images for the site that resonate with the client and their potential clients. Customization and personal attention are paid to every client and we do not outsource our website development. We create all sites in-house.

Our latest website launches!

Severino Health Advisors

More and more people are turning to Health Advocates to help them understand the complex and ever-changing healthcare system. The next time you face a difficult health challenge and need help choosing the best medical options for you or a member of your family, know that you are not alone. I have made it my life’s work to take away the anxiety and fear that can come from a new or existing medical condition.

Your Story Finder

My mission is to provide expert and encouraging guidance to alleviate that stress for families and students. I also coach non-fiction writers struggling to find clarity on their main point, searching for a structure that works, or simply needing a second set of eyes on their manuscript

Branded & Engaging Collateral Creation

Naming, Branding, Logo & Website

One of the most exciting parts of the creative process is creating a brand for a business. 

The brand determines the creative direction for the logo. Many times if you ask a business owner what their logo means, they can tell you a story behind it. 

That’s what we do… then we create amazing digital representations of that story! 

Branding - Logo - Content Development - Website Design

One of my favorite projects was working with Your Language Connection on their Rebrand, Logo Design, Website Development & Social Media campaign creation. We created a brand incorporating 18 years of history and family owned tradition and brought a new and exciting look to YLC. We incorporated the true value proposition which is creating better communities through communication and connections — all while bridging the language gaps in the Tri-State area. 

Google AdWords Campaigns

Keyword Friendly Content &
Social Media Campaigns