Who better to design your website better than someone who truly GETS your business? Soul Creative in Jacksonville Beach is your one-stop-shop for branding and creative! You don’t have to live in Florida to enjoy our services! We serve clients nationwide!

The Challenge: Your Language Connection was nearly 20 years old and had a very outdated look and feel. We wanted to maintain the integrity of the logo since Michelle’s mom (who has since passed away) created the original logo.

The Solution: We created a new fresh logo and brand that encompassed where the company started and used strong brand messaging to reflect the community connection and bridging communication gaps. 

The Challenge: Covid caused the 2nd year fundraiser for Supporting Kidds to host their event online. We needed to create an event site where luminary purchases and a display gallery would support the event virtually. 

The Solution: We created an e-commerce site for the virtual purchase of luminaries. Once the purchase is made, buyers can view their luminaries along a virtual gallery. Donations to the cause can be made on the site as well. This was a great way to make an annual in-person event and create an online platform so that the event could continue.

The Challenge: To create a site that is welcoming and supports seniors aging in place and needing the help of a Senior Health Advisor. 

The Solution: A revision with a new look and feel and an informational blog with helpful articles written by Sue Severino. The ease of navigation and explaining exactly what a Senior Health Advisor is… and isn’t… were the goals of this site!

The Challenge: Creating a BRAND new business! This was a new division of an established company in Willow Street but prior to this they had no online presence, at all!

The Solution: We created a brand that states exactly what they specialize in… caring for your turf. It’s easy to navigate and full of information clients are looking for when they are choosing a turf care company. The logo and name were designed as a part of Soul Creatives overall branding strategy. They loved it so much they did a large van vehicle wrap!

The Challenge: Another fabulous women-entrepreneur was ready to start her fitness business and needed a logo and website to represent her passion for fitness. We needed to make sure that her story was primary and that her desire to help others at any stage of their journey knew that she was there for him and her gym welcomed anyone!

The Solution: We created a fun logo that really represented what EnVision Train Fitness was all about. The biggest compliment Theresa receives is that her website is welcoming and is a true reflection of exactly who she is.

The Challenge: The goal was to update Donna’s coaching business website. She wanted a no frills site that just gives visitors an idea of what they can expect.

The Solution: We created a clean, upscale site with a little bit of feminine flair. You can learn exactly what Donna offers and her experience that got her where she is today!

The Challenge: Brand new business idea needed a name and a logo. Vision was to create a site about holistic health and the Bengston Method for healing past trauma. 

The Solution: We created a name that went well with the services and created an easy to navigate site with links to ancillary products the owner sells. The story behind the business owner’s passion was a big part of this project after losing his young wife, and we hope that shines through. 

The Challenge: The business had a name and the framework for the website was there, but it needed a blog and keywording. When Covid hit, we also needed to put all food items online for purchase as well. 

The Solution: Created an SEO friendly and community-focused blog and social media campaign to drive people to the site. Then when covid closed down the Central Market for a few months, we needed to pivot the business to online food ordering and successfully accomplished that with an online ordering system. 

The Challenge: a delightful writer with a knack for coaching needed a page for her business concept and also needed a name and a logo. 

The Solution: Suzette and I worked hard together to work on her brand and chose the name Your Story Finder because of her unique way of mining the story inside of the person who is ready to put the story on paper. We designed a logo and business name that grew with her business which was so important because within the first year her business focus changed to more offerings, and her brand and logo were designed with growth in mind. 

The Challenge: Stephanie was ready to step out on her own as a Medicare insurance representative and had a few insurance events within a few months of our beginning to work together, so we worked fast to create a Name for her business, a logo that was easily recognized and a site that had just enough information on it to help clients. 

The Solution: we worked together to create a brand look and business name she was thrilled with and would grow with her business. The site launched so quickly that after her first season of signing up medicare clients, she decided to add more to her site and we are working on that now! That’s the great thing about working with us… we build sites that are easy to add on to as your business grows!

We conduct a thorough inventory of your existing site or conduct an inspiring discovery session to determine the best approach to building your website. Storytelling is the main focus of Soul Creative and taking exactly what the business owner is most passionate about and why they are doing what they are doing – and create an online representation of their true story and passion!

There are questions each website should answer, and your brand should pave the way for that. Let’s work together to develop the best website for YOUR needs, with your GOALS in mind!