We’re All About YOUR Brand!

We’re All About YOUR Brand!

Is it weird that I hear “More Than A Feeling” by Boston playing in my head when I think of  client I’m working with? Well, if you know me, you know my love for music and know that I can tell you the reason why certain songs resonate with me.

From the first phone call, I knew I was really going to like working with Jeremy Garber. I also knew immediately, he was really going to like working with Soul Creative. 

“More Than A Feeling” by Boston reminds me of the good old days. It takes me back to my college days and trips with my friend Trish when I was carefree and excited about the future. It’s fitting because I love a good story… Trish and I have many from college, and upon speaking with Jeremy Garber, I knew I had found a business owner who had a good story. 

Jeremy Garber was referred to Soul Creative by a colleague of mine that I know through a great networking group in Lancaster. She had never met the Garbers, but knew they needed a full-service marketing agency to get their new business venture up and running.

Garber Enterprises has been in business for over 25 years. Headed by Jay’s son Jeremy, Garber Turf Care became the newest division of Garber Enterprises in 2020. It is specifically tailored to provide expert turf care. There’s a great story about this father-son duo and the years they’ve worked together, you’ll have to read more at garberturfcare.com. 

With a clear business plan in place for this division, we worked together to:

  • Create a business name
  • Create a brand new logo
  • Create the vehicle decals for their brand new van and trailer
  • Build an attractive and user-friendly website  

This 4-part brand marketing strategy is Soul Creative’s signature service and my biggest passion. I loved working with Jeremy, his dad, and the entire team to come up with a new business name and entity that everyone was excited about. I involved the team in the branding sessions and everyone’s opinion mattered.

I applaud Garber for including the entire team. Sometimes that isn’t possible depending on the company’s size, but I went to their location to make things easiest for them. We had 2 face-to-face sessions and within a week they had 3 logo options to choose from.

After narrowing down the logo, their van was mocked up and designed by Soul Creative and installed by a local Lancaster business H&H Printing prior to the nationwide quarantine that began in March

Garber Turf Care is sponsoring community events this Spring and also needed a hole sponsorship sign, billboard and an ad developed rather quickly… even though the website wasn’t even designed yet. No problem for Soul Creative!

We’re in the final stages of developing their beautiful new website as well. It is just such a fun and amazing process to help a father-son duo grow their family business and create a new division that was a lot like taking their dreams and making them a reality.

That’s how fantastic the branding process can be and they are authentically represented and their employees are excited because they were engaged and involved in the process

I’m so grateful to help business owners make their dreams come true.

Make sure you honk and wave when you see the Garber Turf Care truck and I’m sure they’ll wave back, they are just good, hardworking, loyal and community focused people that want to deliver quality turf care to our area.

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