6 Reasons To Update Your Brand

6 Reasons To Update Your Brand

Why Updating Your Brand Is Important

At Soul Creative, we love working with entrepreneurs and building their brands from the ground floor, but we equally value our established businesses that are looking for a brand update! 

It’s important to consider the elements of your original design that you like and don’t like, what’s relevant now to your ideal customers, how recognizable is your current logo, and the list goes on. Just consider the benefits that an upgrade to your brand can cause. If you’re not sure how to know if updating your brand is important… check out my reasons for updating your brand with a brand strategist:

  1. Enhanced Market Positioning: An updated brand can help you differentiate yourself from your competitors and position your business or organization more effectively in the market. It can help you communicate your unique value proposition and stand out in a crowded marketplace, which can lead to increased brand recognition and customer loyalty.

  2. Increased Relevance: Markets and customer preferences evolve over time, and an outdated brand may no longer resonate with your target audience. Updating your brand can help you stay relevant and aligned with the changing needs and expectations of your customers. A refreshed brand can also help you appeal to new audiences, including younger demographics or emerging markets.

  3. Improved Perception: A well-executed brand update can positively impact how your business or organization is perceived by your stakeholders, including customers, partners, investors, and employees. A modernized brand can convey professionalism, innovation, and trustworthiness, which can boost customer confidence, attract investment, and attract and retain top talent.

  4. Expanded Brand Extension Opportunities: Updating your brand can provide you with opportunities to expand your brand into new products, services, or markets. A refreshed brand can create a strong foundation for brand extensions and diversification strategies, allowing you to leverage your brand equity to pursue new business opportunities and revenue streams.

  5. Enhanced Brand Consistency: Brands are built on consistency, and an outdated brand can result in inconsistencies across various touchpoints, such as your logo, website, packaging, and marketing materials. Updating your brand provides an opportunity to streamline and align your brand elements, ensuring consistency and coherence across all brand touchpoints, which can reinforce brand recognition and memorability.

  6. Increased Customer Engagement: A brand update can generate excitement and buzz among your existing and potential customers. It can create opportunities for increased customer engagement, such as through social media, public relations, and other marketing activities, leading to heightened brand awareness, increased customer interaction, and potential business growth.

Ultimately, updating your brand can bring significant value to your business or organization by improving market positioning, increasing relevance, enhancing perception, expanding brand extension opportunities, ensuring brand consistency, and driving customer engagement. It’s important to approach a brand update with careful planning, research, and execution to ensure it aligns with your business objectives and resonates with your target audience.

Updated Branding Benefits Example

Check out the above logos againIsabelle Cuisine alone doesn’t really describe what they do, first off, and it was what a lot of us create when we’re just starting out. She realized that her name and the yellow line was recognizable and she still has labels for her soups for her catering business… which is now clear what she does (by the way!)… so she was thrilled with the new branded logo which not only says what she does, but is updated, sophisticated, clean and recognizable! Another happy customer, we love that!

My Brand Updates

Check out the evolution of the Soul Creative Logo. Originally, I put my name across the bottom of my logo because I wanted people to get to know my name and associate ME with my company. 

Then, of course…. and gratefully, growth happened, and it wasn’t all about ME any more! It is about YOU and your brand, and the collaborations and partnerships we’ve used along the way which is reflected in the addition of color and a customer-focused tagline. 

The latest version of the logo shows the roots of the tree, as my 5.5 year old business has put down some lasting roots, and our tree is much fuller because of our wonderful client base. I needed to share with others exactly what we specialize in as well, which I wasn’t really in tune with when I first started my business, I did everything because I could. Now I focus on four areas of service which is reflected in the update as well, branding, logo, web, social — let me know what you think! 

If you’re interested in learning more, please book a meeting with me, I’d love to chat with you! Simply email me: aimeemmcgrath@gmail.com or shoot me a text: 864-321-4314. 

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